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Name:: Nori
Nickname: Norpig, Nori Pig Superstar, Bacon Bits
Gender:: Female
Birthplace:: Oneonta, NY
Birthday:: 12/25/02 or thereabouts
Height:: 12" long
Weight:: 1236 grams
Hair Color:: White, black and brown
Hair Length:: Long
Eye Color:: Black
Quote:: There is no love sincerer than the love of food - George Bernard Shaw
Favorite Food:: Cilantro, carrots, romaine and apples.

Name:: Twee
Nickname:: Tweaker, Tweecore, Tweebutt, Twitchy, The Incompetent Herbivore
Gender:: Female
Birthplace:: Oneonta, NY
Birthday:: 01/10/03 or thereabouts
Height:: 9" long
Weight:: 1112 grams
Hair Color:: Orange
Hair Length:: Short
Eye Color:: Black
Quote:: "The oldest and strongest emotion of [pig]kind is fear."- H.P. Lovecraft
Favorite Food:: Romaine, carrots, cilantro, strawberries.